Winter is coming! We know that Honey is already a big deal and we have mentioned the benefits of 100% pure, raw honey before. However, Manuka Honey has its own list of benefits*. As we approach winter, it’s a perfect time to consider adding Manuka Honey to your daily honey regime. Once only promoted as native […]

A question we are often asked is what’s the difference between raw and processed (regular) honey? The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSAMZ) defines honey (not what is raw honey, just what is honey) as: “the natural sweet substance produced by honey bees from nectar of blossoms, which bees transform themselves within the beehive into […]

Are Australian Businesses Selling Fake Honey? You may have seen in the news just yesterday (3 September 2018) that there is controversy (and some strong accusations made) as to whether or not some supermarkets in Australia and some Australian honey producers are selling fake honey (adulterated honey – which is honey blended with something else) […]