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Easy Ways to Use Honey and Sweeten Your Day

Pure honey is like liquid gold given to us by nature as a gift. It is sweet, delicious, and is good for you in more than just one way. Pure honey is the perfect alternative for artificial sweeteners; it is great for your body and has healing properties. Therefore, its use has been popular since ancient times, and it is still advocated today by health gurus and doctors alike.

Whether you use this golden nectar to sweeten your tea or to give your face a natural glow, using natural honey will sweeten your day. Here are the many ways you can use real honey in your everyday life to reap its benefits:

1   Add as A Sweetener to Tea

use Honey Lemon Ginger Tea Add some lemon in your raw honey tea to cleanse your body and get rid of toxins. It will help reduce acne and boost your immune system. Pure honey tea can make you feel energised without experiencing any of the drawbacks of excess caffeine or sugar and is the perfect beverage to start your day with. Natural honey works as a perfect alternative in place of artificial sweeteners or sugar.

Real honey is full of vitamins and antioxidants, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It soothes menstrual cramps with its natural painkiller qualities and provides relief during stomachaches.

2   Soothe Your Stomach

Raw Honey is known to soothe the stomach and help with acid reflux. Adding pure honey to some oatmeal will help with digestion, indigestion, and diarrhoea.

Having a spoonful of natural honey also raises your blood sugar levels instantly in case you are weak from not eating properly while you are sick. Low GI honey’s are also becoming more accessible to people on low GI diets as they provide a slower and more sustained energy release and is an ideal alternative to sugar for those looking to lower their sugar intake.

3   Use as A Face Mask

Real Honey can do wonders for your skin, and various concoctions can be made by mixing it with different ingredients to treat many skin conditions. It can moisturise skin, cleanse pores, and treat acne.

Mix some raw honey with baking soda and use the paste to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. Apply raw honey on your skin to balance the bacteria present on it, treat acne, and lessen the scars left behind. Mix it with some aloe vera gel, and it acts as an excellent remedy for sunburns. Pure honey masks will hydrate your skin, reverse signs of ageing, and add a beautiful natural glow to your skin.

use Honey for skin care

4   Treat Your Cough

Natural Honey is a natural remedy for coughs recommended by The World Health Organisation. A spoon full of real honey will soothe your throat and prevent night-time coughing and result in better sleep. Raw Honey coats the throat with its stickiness and soothes inflamed mucus membranes, which helps to alleviate coughs. It also has antimicrobial properties that help it to fight viruses and help with symptoms of the common cold.

Make sure the honey you use for these treatments is pure/ natural/ real/ raw honey and not the processed honey on the supermarket shelves. You can try the amazing Manuka honey, which has antibacterial qualities and explore different honey options available on our website.

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