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The Importance of a Single Cell Inside a Hive

The beehive is one of the rare instances where you get to see the remarkable wonders of nature. The series of events in the colony leads to honey production. However, we should also understand how the thousands of bees in the hive work together to grow and protect the colony that produces the honey we buy.

Although small and fragile, bees are extremely resilient creatures. Building a bee colony requires strength, resilience, and lots of hard work — and these little creatures do not disappoint!

The honey reserve is a product of numerous cells. A honey cell does not only go into building honey reserves. It also plays a vital role in the growth of the colony.

A tiny life (an egg) resides in each of these cells. The egg evolves to become an adult bee, and if it is a worker, it will help in the maintenance of the colony before leaving to form a new colony.

The Formation of a Cell

The honeycomb is widely known as a place where honey is stored. But the use of a honeycomb goes beyond the storage of honey.

To start, you have got to pay close attention to the shape of the bee cell. It is hexagonal in shape, and for very good reasons.

The shape connotes strength and stability, and that is one of the few reasons why the hexagonal shape is used in several industrial works. The sheer strength and stability are second to none.

The formation of the hexagonal shape is one of the few places where nature demonstrates strength.

The beeswax is the next fascinating feature of the cell. It is the substance that makes up the cell. It is a mixture of long-chain alcohols and fatty acid at its basic level, and it can be used to produce candles, balms as well as numerous beauty and health products.

Eggs can be laid by the bee queen or the worker. The queen pretty much decides the gender of the egg. If eggs are laid without fertilization, then the resultant bee would be a drone. Fertilized eggs always turn out to be workers.

Workers always lay unfertilized eggs in a haphazard format.

Cells, the Functional Unit of a Hive

Honey is much more than a regular liquid; it is liquid gold. It is also a vital ingredient to some of the best recipes in the world – check out some of ours here.

Interestingly, honey reserves are products of cells. Without honey cells, you are pretty much left with nothing.

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