AB’s Local Honey

AB’s Honey is a family business of long standing located near Brisbane, Queensland.  The now fully fledged commercial business (with sterile state of the art equipment and a stringent HACCP program) started as a beekeeping hobby.  Whilst the business has grown, the goal has never changed – and that is to produce the best quality 100% Australian local honey that is pure, raw and healthy, just as nature intended.

AB’s honey comes from hundreds of different species native Australian trees. Although most of our honey hails from Queensland and NSW forests we also source honey from all Australian states and territories. The bees collect nectar and pollen from native flora in the Australian bush and forests and this is what gives the distinctive aroma and flavour of AB’s natural pure honey.

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All honey from AB’s is purified using a settling process with debris removed by sieves.AB’s do not pasteurise honey as this causes loss of flavour, aroma and the essential natural ingredients that make honey, honey.

Simply Honey sells a variety of different flavours of AB’s Honey including the extremely popular Manuka honey.Other delicious flavours include Yellow Box, Ironbark, Macadamia, Rainforest, Tea Tree and Leatherwood Honey.

Additionally they have gourmet offerings including but not limited to Ginger Honey, Vanilla honey and Coffee Infused Honey.

Bee Products

Bee products including honeycomb, pollen and wax are also available for sale at Simply Honey, sourced locally by AB’s Honey and shipped right to your door.

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