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Supporting Local Australian Beekeepers

Australia is known to have the purest honey in the world, free of many of the contaminants that are found in honey in other countries. Our Australian beekeepers do an amazing job at what they do. They are part entomologist; weather forecaster; botanist, and carpenter, just to name a few of the many aspects of their work that keep our honey industry thriving.

The past few years have seen many of them face more than one “once in fifty-year” events. The droughts saw them struggling to keep their hives alive. Then there were the black summer bushfires which not only destroyed their hives the flora where the bees would forage was also destroyed. Due to the heat of the fires in some of the areas, it will be many years (if ever) before that vegetation will regrow.

2022 was particularly hard for beekeepers. Many in Southeast Queensland and Northern and Mid NSW were directly impacted more than once by the “once in 50 year” weather events. The flooding that occurred saw hives and equipment lost. There was widespread devastation to the flora in these areas, not only from the flood water, but also from the mud and silt. Many of these areas are still waiting on repairs to be done.

Then there was the arrival of Varroa Mite in June 2022 which has seen hundreds of hives destroyed in a bid to contain its spread. Beekeepers and government officials are working tirelessly to check hives in surrounding areas.

What’s the problem with imported honey?

In Australia honey has to be…..well…honey pure unadulterated honey. Not a substance that could be made up of corn syrup or rice syrup or who knows what else mixed with honey.

The countries that produce this “blend” call it honey, which it definitely is not, it is really honey fraud. We all know that bees are the only ones that can make honey. Australian labelling laws ensure we’re receiving exactly what’s on the label. Other countries have different labelling laws. This can mean that the product is packaged there, not necessarily where the product has originated from. If you want to learn more about honey fraud, look on Netflix for the documentary called Rotten and the particular episode on honey fraud.

The price paid for importing honey can be lower than what is paid to Australian beekeepers. There are blends of imported and Australian honey being sold in supermarkets. Every kilogram of imported honey that is sold in Australia means that an Australian beekeeper is missing out on selling their honey.

The importance of supporting the Australian beekeepers and honey industry

It is more important than ever to support the businesses that support Australian producers. This benefits everyone. The money stays in Australia, and it keeps our primary producers going. Can you imagine if a great number of beekeepers can’t keep doing what they do because they can’t sell their honey? Our fruit, nut and vegetable industries to name a few would be decimated.

Many of the beekeepers we work with are family-owned businesses, often from multiple generations working as beekeepers. They are committed to quality and sustainability and we do not want to see them have to stop being beekeepers.

How AB’s Honey supports the Australian industry

Alongside our beekeeping partners, we are committed to supporting the Australian industry and providing the highest quality honey to our customers.

All honey sold by AB’s Honey is 100% pure Australian honey. We work with our beekeepers as partners, and in many cases have had a relationship with the whole family over several years.

We’re proud to be part of an industry that impacts so many Australians and their families.

What you can do to help to support Australian beekeepers?

It’s simple:

Buy from businesses that are 100% Australian; family owned is even better.
Look at the product of origin on everything you buy. If the product says a blend of Australian and imported, or Product of anywhere but Australia, leave it behind.
Educate your friends and family and share this information with them.
Like our posts on socials and share them with your friends
Recommend our products to any businesses you know that use honey.

Together we can make a difference and bee the change.

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