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How to cook with Manuka Honey

Drizzled on an acai bowl, stirred into smoothies, added to a cup of tea, or into your baking, the popularity of of everyday honey usage sure has changed in recent years. More people are getting “the buzz” and understanding the benefits of substituting honey over sugar.  One variety that is standing out from the crowd, is Australian Manuka Honey.  All the research shows that Manuka honey’s health benefits are off the charts! But can you cook with Manuka Honey?

The industry’s peak body, the Australian Manuka Honey Association describes some of the benefits of Manuka Honey, noting studies have uncovered:

“that bacteria with resistance to modern antibiotics (becoming superbugs) cannot develop resistance to the activity of Manuka Honey (Blair et al. 2009). Manuka effectively inhibits problematic bacterial pathogens unlike any other known antimicrobial, with attempts to generate honey-resistant bacterial strains in a laboratory unsuccessful”.

Australian Manuka Honey Association

Any times is a perfect time to consider adding Manuka Honey to your daily honey regime, and we’ll show you how…

Can you cook with Manuka Honey the same way as table honey?

Yes, you can cook with Manuka Honey the same way you do with all varieties of honey. Manuka Honey gets its special health and healing properties from the levels of MGO present. Before you cook with Manuka Honey, it’s worth noting that heat can have a negative impact on the levels of MGO. We recommend using Manuka Honey MGO 30+ for cooking or applications involving high temperatures.

Here’s how to use Manuka Honey to its fullest, tastiest potential.

Bake with Manuka Honey

You shouldn’t rely on Manuka Honey as the primary sweetener in your favourite baking recipes. Instead, use Manuka Honey to contribute subtle sweetness and a distinct honey flavour.

Add some Manuka Honey to a tasty banana bread or add a spoon or two of manuka honey to your buttercream. Manuka Honey also makes a great addition to fruit fillings in pies.

But our favourite, and one not for the faint hearted is our take on the 8 Layer Honey Cake – check it out here.

Manuka Honey in Drinks

Next time you’re whipping up a cocktail, sweetening your tea, coffee or chai, swap your sweetener or sugar for a little Manuka Honey instead. With a stronger flavour than standard honey, it adds a little something extra to your beverage that’s difficult to replicate with any other sweetener.  

For an adult only recipe, try the Bees Knees cocktail, made with gin, fresh lemon juice and honey syrup; a perfectly easy citrusy and honeyed cocktail to unwind after a day at work.

Add Manuka Honey for Breakfast

Manuka Honey is great on toast for breakfast but add it to a freshly made granola and you’ve got a breakfast winner! Manuka Honey is also a great natural sweetener for fruit smoothies including pineapple, banana and coconut. And don’t get us started on pancakes, waffles and crumpets!

But our favourite, and easiest go to breakfast winner is our Blueberry and Honey Overnight Oats. Simply make the night before, store in the fridge and rise, shine and enjoy!

Manuka Honey Salad Dressings

Honey has long been added to sauces and dressings as a substitute for brown sugar. Remember a little does go a long way when it comes to gaining that beautiful floral honey flavour, so don’t overdo it.

Our go-to salad dressing is always a simple Balsamic Manuka Honey Salad Dressing. It’s sweet yet tangy, just adjust your seasonings to taste.

Why not try our 100% pure, raw, Australian Manuka Honey – click here to see our range and add to your pantry today, including the highest strength MGO 900+

Our Manuka Honey Range

4 Strengths of Manuka Honey

AB’s Honey is an Australian Honey Brand that is synonymous with quality and AB’s Honey is simply the best pure raw honey in Australia. Try it and see!

For more information the benefits of Manuka Honey, we recommend you start with the Australian Manuka Honey Association. We are proud members of the AMHA and are committed to quality standards and rigorous testing they require to become a member.

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