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For over three decades, Australian Beekeepers’ Honey has produced the best quality pure, 100% natural honey and bee products. We think it’s some of the best available in Australia. But don’t take our word for it!

Read our Simply Honey customer testimonials to see what our happy customers have to say about our delicious honey.

Jacqui B

Hello, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your company. I placed my order 13/7 and it arrived 15/7, in another state too, brilliant!  Thank you so much for an amazing service and the very thoughtful packaging. It’s my first time purchasing from you, and I will definitely purchase again.

Colette C

Delivery arrived in 2 days despite the floods and advice from Simply Honey that it may be delayed because of this. Excellent service and truly delicious Aussie Honey, pure and clean.

Janelle T

Great product prompt delivery. Very happy customer.

Graham A

Beautiful honey. Excellent service.

Dieter M

High quality products and prompt and reliable deliveries.

John O

Been buying Simply Honey products now for a number years and never had a complaint very reasonably priced, great tasting and fast delivery.

Les B

I loved the taste of the honey, it’s different from ones like Capilano but very nice.

Susan F

I buy their Manuka honey and I loved it. The price is reasonable with excellent quality. The honey is well packaged and they ship fast! I will continue to buy from Simply Honey and support Aussie made products 😊👍

Joy D

I prefer this brand of Manuka Honey and enjoy it’s deep rich flavour. Buying it online so convenient – door to door delivery. Glad to support our Australian honey industry. Very helpful staff is an added bonus.


Some of the nicest and most unique honeys I’ve tried! Their vanilla infused honey is my favourite.


Simply Honey has the best range and best tasting honey. I’ve tried several stores that claim to sell the best honey but I always go back to SimplyHoney. The staff are friendly and know their honey. They answered all my questions. I have finally found my honey home. ☀️

Jenny S

Simply honey is 100 percent quality. I use the Manuka & just love the taste. Thank you

Rieko M

We find the honey is very sooth and tasty as it is 100% Australian honey we always buy from Simply Honey. Best value for money.

Eva K

Great quality and taste honey. I really love especially the ginger honey and Manuka. Definitely a regular customer:)

Vas M

Love the different flavours of the natural honey. Very reasonable prices and well packed for delivery.

Jane P

Professional, efficient, great communication and swift delivery. Purchased the MGO900+ and my son used it when he got a serious case of Covid, and it got rid of his sore throat and green mucus within 24 hours and overall it helped speed up his recovery! Highly recommended+++++


We ordered Manuka honey and the process was quick and easy, the information both available and comprehensive. The delivery was spot on, but best of all, the 900+ Manuka honey really made a difference. So glad to know something this good comes from our own Australian bees!

Afrah Y

I bought beeswax for my bussiness (Devotion Candles) and it was beautiful, pure and perfect light golden color. I’ve tried few farms for beeswax but yours is my favorite so thank you for that.


Thank you, I love your recipes. And the honey is the best I’ve ever had. Brings back memories of school lunches my mother made us. Bread and honey, no butter. Bliss.


I received my honey order via post today and I just want to say thank you. I have never ordered your honey online before but I’ve moved out to Ipswich now and getting to Capalaba is a bit out of the way. Delivery was quick and hassle free.

Your honey is the best and I look forward to sharing it my loved ones over the next few months. Will be ordering more for sure.


I just wanted to say thank you for my Yellow Box honey which has just arrived safely and tastes beautiful!! I will certainly be ordering more.

Marilyn G

The only honey supplier I would ever use for my health food products. Best honey in Australia.

Stephen C

Natural Wholesome Goodness and best of all, it tastes great! It is the most wonderful honey.


Great Value. Great staff.. the purest honey I found.


Best honey I have ever had. Fantastic and quality is the same every


It is the most wonderful honey.

Claude C

Best honey in Australia.


I have been using Simply Honey for over a year now and will not get honey from anyone else. Every time the ordering process was great and the honey is just so amazingly tasty.

Cassandra M

Absolutely exquisite products!! I ordered a bulk lot of honey and beeswax and both smell heavenly! I am so happy the shop offers the chunk style beeswax, it’s both economical and also easier to chop up and fit into my melting pot 🙂


Thank you, I am impressed with the prompt processing and delivery. To my surprise the package arrived this morning. Thanking you once again.


Great products and great customer service. Will always shop here for any honey related products from now on.


My shipment arrived quickly and was incredibly well packaged/secured. I adore that the honey comes in glass jars, I can re-use these and that is always a plus for me!! I love supporting businesses that really look after their customers and take such pride in their products!


Thank you for my recent order.

The flavour of Honey tastes different this time, almost a beautiful citrus flavour through the manuka honey, it is also thick and caramelly as well, so delicious

I have ordered twice before from you, I always enjoy your Honey and love knowing it is produced in Australia from locally grown flora.

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