Australian Manuka Honey

What is Australian Manuka Honey?

Most people have heard of the benefits of Manuka Honey, and – thanks to clever marketing – many people believe it is only produced in New Zealand. The truth is, there are far more manuka trees in Australia than New Zealand. Australian manuka trees produce quality Australian Manuka Honey that is every bit as pure, natural, and beneficial to health. From healing wounds to fighting infections, the naturally occurring presence of methylglyoxal (MGO), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and leptosperin give Manuka Honey its power and prove its authenticity. This article explores the origins of Manuka Honey and how buying honey from Australian beekeepers benefits the Australian honey industry.

Where does Manuka Honey come from?

All Manuka Honey originates from select species of the Leptospermum genus, a compact shrub with white or pink flowers. These trees have been in Australia for around 23 million years. It is now thought that New Zealand manuka trees originated from Australian manuka trees over 20 million years ago when seeds blew across the Tasman Sea.

Australian manuka trees have evolved to around 80 different species of Leptospermum. Scientists in Australia are working with beekeepers to discover which leptospermum species give Manuka Honey the best medicinal properties. In New Zealand, only the original Leptospermum Scoparium grows.

4 Strengths of Manuka Honey

Simply Honey sells only 100% pure Australian Manuka Honey. It is available in a range of active strengths in our online Shop.

The active strength of Manuka Honey is based on milligram levels of MGO (methylglyoxal) per kilogram. For example, AB’s high strength Manuka Honey MGO 900+ is scientifically tested for an MGO content of more than 900 milligrams per kilogram.

At Simply Honey our four available strengths of Manuka Honey are MGO 30+, MGO 100+, MGO 500+, and MGO 900+. These are available in jar sizes from 250g up to 1kg.

4 strengths of Manuka Honey

Why choose Australian Manuka Honey?

Our amazing Australian beekeepers work hard to harvest nectar from only Australian Manuka plants. When you purchase 100% Australian Manuka Honey from Simply Honey, you are purchasing locally produced honey and supporting the Australian honey industry. You also support Australian agriculture and horticulture when you support the Australian beekeeping industry. Honey bees are vital pollinators for many of the foods we rely on in Australia.

As with many premium products, the benefits and uses of Manuka Honey have attracted unscrupulous and illegal imitations. All AB’s Manuka Honey is independently laboratory tested to ensure our customers know they are getting pure 100% Australian Manuka Honey at the strength stated. We are also proud members of the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA), the leading national body for the production and promotion of Manuka Honey in Australia.

Where to buy Australian Manuka Honey?

You can find AB’s Manuka Honey for sale in this online honey shop, or direct from our retail store at 4 Christine Place, Capalaba, QLD.

AB’s Manuka Honey is available in wholesale quantities to businesses. Visit our commercial website to enquire about bulk Australian Manuka Honey purchases.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors; you should always seek the advice of a medical expert before commencing any treatment. We simply know the quality of AB’s Honey products and our Manuka Honey is the bee’s knees, with a rich and distinctive earthy taste coupled with its deep rich dark colour.

member of the australian manuka honey association

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