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Amazing Manuka Honey uses you need to know

As well as being a delicious and healthier substitute to sugar, honey has been used as a wound dressing and medicinal treatment for centuries. But are some honeys better than others? Yes! Research has uncovered special properties in Manuka Honey that give it superior health benefits to regular honey. This article covers some of the many Manuka Honey uses that can lead to better health, and expert tips on how to make sure the Manuka Honey you’re buying is guaranteed 100% pure Australian Manuka Honey.

About Manuka Honey

All Manuka Honey originates from select species of the Leptospermum genus, commonly known as manuka bush or jelly bush. This compact shrub has beautiful white or pink flowers. It started its life in Australia around 23 million years ago, migrating over to our friends in New Zealand sometime in the last 20 million years.

Here in Australia, the plant has continued to evolve and today we have over 80 different species of Leptospermum. Scientists in Australia are working with beekeepers to find out which of these species give Manuka Honey the best medicinal properties. When we first published this story, at least eight of these species were known to produce active strength Manuka. With ongoing studies, we can now update that total to TWELVE species of manuka that produce these naturally-occurring compounds!

What makes Manuka Honey special?

Manuka Honey contains methylglyoxal (MGO). Methylglyoxal is naturally present in the nectar of certain manuka bushes and in the honey that bees produce from that nectar. It’s the methylglyoxal content of Manuka Honey that makes it special.

The level of MGO in a batch of honey will determine its level of antimicrobial activity. MGO levels should be at least at MGO 500+ for medical use, and products with MGO 900+ are ideal for wound care and oral care.

With its unique properties, high strength Manuka Honey is a natural:

  • antiseptic
  • antibiotic
  • antifungal
  • antiviral

Manuka Honey uses you might not have thought of. . .

You can use Manuka Honey much as you would use regular table honey – on toast, in drinks, and as an ingredient when cooking with Manuka Honey. To take full advantage of the health benefits inherent in Manuka Honey, try these Manuka Honey uses:

Manuka honey for wound care

Far from being simply an alternative therapy or an ‘old wives tale’, millions of dollars has been invested into researching the applications of medical Manuka Honey.

While all honey has some antimicrobial effect, medical grade Manuka honey is by far the most effective antimicrobial. Manuka honey has been used to successfully treat infected and non-infected wounds, burns, surgical incisions, leg ulcers, pressure sores, traumatic injuries, meningococcal lesions, and slow-healing
diabetic wounds

We’ve written a special article detailing how to use honey for wounds. You can read it here.

Preventing tooth decay

Ok now this must be a joke, right? How can Manuka Honey prevent tooth decay? Surely the sugars in Manuka Honey will create cavities as quick as lollies and other sweets?!! Surprisingly, not so! 

This study compared sugar-free chewing gum, often marketed as being recommended by dentists after every meal, and Manuka Honey. The results… significant reductions in plaque AND gingivitis in the Manuka Honey study group.

Decreasing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI)

One Study looked at IBS and the dosage rates needed to reduce inflammation in the colon, working out that both 5g/kg Body weight and 10g/kg body weight had a significant reduction in inflammation. Another study looked at CDI.

Clostridium Difficile (CD) is a bad bacterium that, if it infects your intestines, can cause symptoms from loss of appetite and nausea to watery diarrhea and in the worst cases, perforated colon, sepsis and even death. 

This Study looked at the medical benefits of manuka honey in fighting Clostridium Difficile. The results showed that CD is very susceptible to Manuka Honey – yet another win for this amazing, beautiful-tasting product.

A natural acne treatment

Acne is often the skin’s reaction to factors such as stress, poor diet and hormonal changes. The antimicrobial effect of manuka can help clear the skin without harsh chemicals, and with reduced scarring too!

You might have seen Manuka Honey featured as an ingredient in skincare and pharmacy products. Skincare professionals know of its applied benefits, but you can get the benefits by using Manuka Honey directly, without all the other added ingredients.

If you would like to use Manuka Honey to treat acne, you can simply apply it to individual spots, or use it as a face mask. Try our DIY face mask recipes for a relaxing and soothing indulgent home treatment.

Safe for pets, too!

Scientific research has shown Manuka honey is safe for pets, too. It has been used to help heal wounds in dogs, cats, horses, and other animals, and to treat other health issues. Pets vary so much, so always seek professional veterinary advice to determine dosage and duration of treatment.

Read our article to see how Manuka Honey can help pets and domestic animals.

Want to know more?

We have a whole blog category dedicated to sharing information about Manuka Honey. To learn more about this amazing natural product, click here.

Choose 100% Pure Australian Manuka Honey

Unfortunately, as with many other premium products, the benefits and many uses of Manuka Honey have attracted unscrupulous and illegal imitations. All AB’s Manuka Honey is independently laboratory tested to ensure our customers know they are getting pure 100% Australian Manuka Honey, guaranteed to be the strength stated on the label.

4 Strengths of Manuka Honey

Disclaimer: We are not doctors; you should always seek the advice of a medical expert before commencing any treatment. We simply know the quality of AB’s Honey products and our Manuka Honey is the bee’s knees with a rich and distinctive earthy taste, coupled with its deep rich dark colour.

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