Beeswax-Wraps for sandwich

Tired of tangling cling wrap… try beeswax wraps!

Does battling the plastic wrap roll to wrap leftover veggies, cheese or salads lead to mess and perhaps a little stress in your household? It does in ours! Which is why we were delighted when beeswax wraps were introduced!

Cling film

Beeswax food wraps are an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to plastic wrap. Beeswax wraps cover and cling to your bowls just like plastic wrap – without the drama that can accompany plastic wrap!

A mixture of beeswax, pine tree resin and coconut oil (sometimes jojoba oil), makes the wraps airtight and helps lock in moisture, while the oil offers flexibility and the pine resin adds cling.

Using them is even easier than plastic wrap as the warmth of your hands makes them pliable enough to mold to any surface, from a bowl to a piece of fruit or cheese.

DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit – make your own

When we were first introduced to beeswax wraps, we measured and combine our beeswax, with resin, and oil, which is why were are so excited to offer a pre-made wax mixture in our DIY kits.

AB’s Beeswax Wrap Kits allow you to make your own wraps at home, without the fuss of buying and measuring each ingredient separately. Each kit includes a pre-made wax mixture combining beeswax, pine tree resin, and coconut oil.

  • As a reusable alternative to snack /sandwich bags
  • For wrapping snacks, fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread and more
  • In place of cling wrap over a bowl or other container

How to get the most out of your beeswax wraps

  • Beeswax food wraps can be washed with cold water and mild soap.
  • Items like cheese, vegetables, fruits, nuts, sandwiches, etc. can be wrapped up.
  • Beeswax food wraps cannot be washed with hot water, and so are not recommended for meat
  • Depending on how frequently they’re used, they can last for up to a year.

DIY Beeswax Wraps

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