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Sweet honey gift ideas for honey lovers

Have you ever been stuck on what to give as a gift your loved one? Maybe what to give at Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Or what to bring for a housewarming or add to a gift hamper?

The answer is honey. Yes, a jar of honey is a wonderful gift to give, at any time of the year. And for honey lovers, it is the sweetest gift of all.

Here is our list of the best honey and bee products to gift this year.

100% Real Australian Raw Manuka Honey

AB’s Honey’s Australian Manuka range of honey is the perfect gift for any honey lover. With its natural benefits to health and healing as well as its sensational taste, you are on a gift winner here.

AB’s premium Australian Manuka Honey range is available in four strengths* with 900+ methylglyoxal being the highest. Available strengths are MGO 900+, MGO 500+, MGO 100+, and MGO 30+.

Check out the health benefits of Manuka Honey here.

Ginger in Honey

Ginger in Honey is for honey connoisseurs and for those seeking products straight from mother nature. Using only 100% pure Australian Ginger and 100% pure Australian honey, it is the perfect heavenly combination for honey lovers. This blend is a great course of immune-boosting natural energy, which is also great for digestion.

Ginger in Honey is also the perfect ingredient to add to sweet and savoury dishes including stir-fries and salad dressings. Check out some of the recipes using this gourmet honey blend here.

Creamed Honey

With AB’s pure creamed honey, be assured you are buying pure honey creamed in small batches using a traditional method. Honey lovers will appreciate the creamy texture that spreads just like butter and is perfect on toast or crumpets.

Bee Pollen

Did you know that one teaspoon of bee pollen takes one bee working eight hours a day for one month to gather? A complete food from Australian beekeepers makes AB’s Bee Pollen the perfect gift idea. Your honey lover will appreciate an instant energy boost from this all-natural health product. Bee pollen is also an antioxidant and is known to assist with inflammation, liver health, immunity, menopause, stress and has healing properties.

Bamboo Bee Takeaway Cups

Is your gift recipient environmentally conscious and looking to reduce their plastic use? These bee keep-cups make the perfect gift idea for all honey and bee lovers. Perfect for tea and coffee – sweetened with a hint of honey! – the cups come in two different bee designs and are made from bamboo fibres.

Gift Cards

Simply can’t decide on what AB’s Honey product to gift your loved one? We have made your gift buying easy with our Simply Honey gift cards. Available in increments of $20, $50, and $100, your gift will allow your honey lover to purchase anything in our online store that their heart desires.

We wish you luck with whatever gift you choose for that special honey lover. However, gifts aside, sharing love and kindness above all is truly the best gift to give.

AB’s Honey is an Australian Honey Brand that is synonymous with quality and AB’s Honey is simply the best pure raw honey in Australia. Check out our online honey shop Simply Honey to view our full product range.

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