Ginger in Honey

Why we love ginger in honey for winter

Exploring the benefits of this healthy combination

Ginger and honey are well-known individually for their health benefits. Ginger is known as a natural remedy for digestive issues, nausea, and colds, while honey is rich in antioxidants, helps alleviate coughing, and contributes to positive cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels. In this article, we look at the benefits of combining ginger and honey for winter wellness, and all year round health.

Ginger and honey is a remedy for coughs and colds

Honey and ginger combined make an effective natural remedy for the common cold and coughs. Honey helps alleviate coughing by thinning mucus build-up, and ginger reduces inflammation in the throat.

It can benefit your heart health

The antioxidant properties of combining ginger and honey can benefit cardiac health. The mix may ease blood vessel tension, which reduces blood pressure.

Ginger and honey offers an immunity boost

Honey helps loosen up mucus that can clog your airways, while ginger works to reduce inflammation and is a natural expectorant. They are the perfect pair to battle sickness and assist your body’s ability to defend itself. Both ingredients have antioxidant properties which also help strengthen your immune system.

It can aid your digestion

Combining ginger and honey can help people with a weak digestive system. Ginger has been long used in Indian and Chinese medicine to treat gastric ailments like bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Honey is a potent prebiotic that promotes the good bacteria that live in the intestines – which are crucial not only for digestion, but your overall health too.

Ginger and honey treats nausea

Honey is a natural sweetener that is enriched with many essential nutrients, aids digestion, and helps counteract nausea. Ginger is considered to be one of the best remedies for treating nausea as it neutralises stomach acids and soothes an irritated stomach.

For treating morning sickness, one study suggests that combining honey and ginger may be just as effective as some medications, but with fewer side effects.

About AB’s Ginger in Honey

Made from 100% pure Australian ginger and 100% pure Australian honey, AB’s Ginger in Honey offers the added benefits of being an antioxidant and is great for digestion. Studies also suggest it is good for cardiac health.

How we use AB’s Ginger in Honey

Our 100% pure Australian Ginger in Honey is a brilliant ingredient in cooking, adding an extra spicy flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. Check out AB’s Ginger in Honey Pork Belly recipe here.
Ginger honey has also been used as a natural remedy for many ailments including relieving stress, indigestion, for pain relief, and most commonly, to help with colds and flu. For expectant mothers, ginger and honey is a great remedy for nausea and to help ease morning sickness.

There’s no doubt that AB’s Ginger in Honey is a great source of immune-boosting natural energy and is a great pantry staple for all Australians not just in winter but all year round!
AB’s Ginger in Honey is available for purchase at Simply Honey in a 500g jar for only $15.00. 

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