Manuka Honey

100% Real Australian Raw Manuka Honey

The active strength of all Manuka is based on levels of MGO (methylglyoxal) per kilogram. For example, AB’s Manuka Honey 900+ is scientifically tested for MGO (methylglyoxal) with a content of 900+ per kilo.

AB’s real raw Manuka Honey is available in four strengths* with 900+ methylglyoxal being the highest. Available strengths are 900+ MGO, 500+MGO, 100+ MGO and 30+MGO.

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Our 4 strengths of Manuka honey

MGO 900+ Manuka honey

Our highest grade of Manuka honey, MGO 900+ has very high antibacterial activity. It can be used directly on wounds, or to assist with Golden Staph infections, acne, and dental hygiene.MGO 900+ Manuka honey is also good for skin conditions, sore throats, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, sore gums, and indigestion. It contains prebiotics that support a healthy gut.While some bacteria which cause serious infections can develop resistance to modern antibiotics, they can't develop resistance to the antibacterial activity of MGO 900+ Manuka honey.When used for wound care, Manuka honey slowly adds hydrogen peroxide, drawing out moisture and making it difficult for bacteria to survive.

MGO 500+ Manuka honey

MGO 500+ has high anti-bacterial, powerful antimicrobial and nutritional properties. It can also be used for medicinal purposes including healing cuts and scrapes, clearing infections, easing the symptoms of stomach aches, improving digestion, and boosting the immune system.MGO 500+ has superior healing properties and is best consumed straight from the jar. You’ll feel the benefits within a few days of daily consumption!

MGO 100+ Manuka honey

MGO 100+ is the perfect addition to everyday cooking and, thanks to its mild strength, is our recommendation for daily winter wellness.With its natural enzymes and antioxidants, MGO 100+ is perfect as an additive for foods and drinks, or taken on its own. 1 to 2 tablespoons each day will give you the digestive, wellbeing, and immunity benefits of Manuka honey.

MGO 30+ Manuka honey

A pantry staple, MGO 30+ can be used for everyday consumption. Thanks to its mild strength, it is perfect for the entire family, wherever you would use a table honey.1-2 tablespoons a day of MGO 30+ also assists with digestion and boosting energy. You’ll feel the benefits within a few days of daily consumption!australian manuka honey
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