100% Real Australian Honey

No Imports, Just Pure Raw Australian Honey.

100% Real Australian Honey

At Simply Honey we exclusively sell delicious, 100% local Australian honey and local bee products by Australian Beekeeper’s Honey. We’re a long-standing family-owned and operated business located near Brisbane, Queensland. We aim to produce the best quality 100% Australian local honey that is pure, raw and healthy – just as nature intended.

Simply Honey is not allowed to ship any of our products to Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Norfolk Island, or Kangaroo Island due to government legislation. We are also not allowed to ship any honeycomb products to Tasmania.



Bev B

“Beautiful Manuka honey. Have tried many, this is a favourite. Order process easy and delivery is prompt. Highly recommend. Also the honey with ginger is so lovely!”


“Thank you, I am impressed with the prompt processing and delivery. To my surprise the package arrived this morning. Thanking you once again.”

– LR

Cassandra M

“Absolutely exquisite products!! I ordered a bulk lot of honey and beeswax and both smell heavenly! I am so happy the shop offers the chunk style beeswax, it’s both economical and also easier to chop up and fit into my melting pot :)”

– Cassandra M

Steve H

“I recently ordered honey from Simply Honey, and was super impressed with their products and service. 2XHoney with honeycomb, and one each of Honey with Ginger, and Cocos Keeling squeezable. All were delicious, and honeys arrived within two or three days. I am getting ready to do up another order”

Claude C

“Best honey in Australia.”

– Claude


“It is the most wonderful honey.”

– Suzanne


“Best honey I have ever had. Fantastic and quality is the same every time.”

– Nathan


“Great Value. Great staff.. the purest honey I found.”

– AN

Stephen C

“Natural Wholesome Goodness and best of all, it tastes great! It is the most wonderful honey.”

– Stephen C

Marilyn G

“The only honey supplier I would ever use for my health food products. Best honey in Australia.”

– Marilyn


“I just wanted to say thank you for my Yellow Box Honeywhich has just arrived safely and tastes beautiful!! I will certainly be ordering more.”

– LH


“I received my honey order via post today and I just want to say thank you. I have never ordered your honey online before but I’ve moved out to Ipswich now and getting to Capalaba is a bit out of the way. Delivery was quick and hassle free.

Your honey is the best and I look forward to sharing it my loved ones over the next few months. Will be ordering more for sure.”

– Amanda


“Great products and great customer service. Will always shop here for any honey related products from now on.”

– Sai


“Thank you for my recent order

The flavour of Honey tastes different this time, almost a beautiful citrus flavour through the manuka honey, it is also thick and caramelly as well, so delicious

I have ordered twice before from you, I always enjoy your Honey and love knowing it isproduced in Australia from locally grown flora.”

– Sean


“Thank you, I love your recipes. And the honey is the best I’ve ever had. Brings back memories of school lunches my mother made us. Bread and honey, no butter. Bliss.”

– EM


“I do believe the honey [Manuka Honey MGO 900+] played a big part in overcoming a serious staph infection. 5 knee replacements, nearly died twice. Best I’ve been in 7 years. Turning 80 on [–].”

  – Janice

Tiff S

“Easy to order online with great descriptions of the honey flavours.
My order was delivered very quickly with great communication regarding when it was packed and shipped etc.
And … YUM! Really great honey with some complex flavours (I got a sample pack to try and it was fun to taste test).

– Tiff S

John E

“I bought 6 squeeze bottles of several different blends as a trial. After 2 weeks, the whole family suddenly rediscovered their love for honey and we are down to 4 bottles! Doesn’t just taste great, this stuff is locally made and great value. Looking forward to placing my next order.”

– John E

Steve H

“I recently ordered honey from Simply Honey, and was super impressed with their products and service. 2X Honey with honeycomb, and one each of Honey with Ginger, and Cocos Keeling squeezable.
All were delicious, and honeys arrived within two or three days. I am getting ready to do up another order.”

– Steve H

Wave F

“I eat a lot of honey and I like it raw with all itsbenefits intact. Simply honey has provided that to me at a competitive price. So, they have my business. At the moment I am eating my way through two Kilo of honey no problem.”

– Wave F

Andrew B

“Great honey with a huge variety of flavours. I have not found any other brand of honey to come near its quality. Great online ordering service; fast too!”

– Andrew B

Clark G

“I found Simply Honey on the web when looking for some real Yellow Box honey. We have been spoiled with a relative who is a bee keeper and honey producer who gives us lots of beautiful yellow box. We did happen to run a little low towards the end of the year hence my search. I have to say I kept my expectations low, as a life long honey lover I can be a bit fussy with my honey. First teaspoon of yellow box and I was a believer. Beautiful smooth buttery caramel. I also got some of the gourmet vanilla infused blend which is also fabulous and worth every penny. So pleased to find Simply Honey and AB – especially great that that they are local for us in QLD when our family supply runs a little low!”

– Clark G

Georgie H

“I love the creamed honey it’s so delicious. I also use the Manuka honeyfor health benefits and buy it for my Dad who loves it. I really like the option of buying it in a glass bottle. I have been buying from this site for over a year and have found the deliveries and service great. Thank you to you and the Bee’s.”

– Georgie H

Michael T

“I bought a Simply Honey Taster Pack, Manuka, Creamed honey and the large honeycomb. I will be buying it all again. Taster pack for gifts, Creamed honey Plus the honey with the honeycomb is the best. I eat it straight out or the container. It’s Beautiful !! BEST HONEY EVEY:) Don’t buy mass produced shopping centre honey !!!”

– Michael T

Joy D

“I prefer this brand of Manuka Honey and enjoy it’s deep rich flavour. Buying it online so convenient – door to door delivery. Glad to support our Australian honey industry. Very helpful staff is an added bonus.”

– Joy D

Sue J

“Very helpful staff, excellent service and above all the most tastiest honey I have ever tried. The medicinal grade honey has knocked my staph infection on the head after 8 months on antibiotics.👌”

– Sue J

Kylee G

“The honey from Simply Honey is fantastic. I ordered the Brisbane Locale and Ironbark honey, and I was not disappointed. The Brisbane blend is dark and mild with a beautiful flavour. Their delivery was very quick and carefully packed. I was extremely impressed and will continue to buy my honey from here.”

Dominic S

“Beeswax ordered from the website was high quality and delivered by post within 3 days. I bought a kilo of the Natural beeswax rustic chunks to make wax paste for woodwork projects. I’ll need to filter it but it’s quite clean and won’t be a problem. Got a quick email response to my questions. Price was right too.”

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We only supply honey from the best hives. Try us. You won’t be disappointed. We guarantee it!

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Search our online honey shop, select and buy from the many varieties of scrumptious honey for sale and we will deliver it pronto.

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We offer a quick delivery of your pure Australian Honey direct to your door. Order before 12pm AEST for same-day dispatch.

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NOTICE - Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Western Australia and the Northern Territory
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