Manuka Honey – Which One to Buy?

Manuka honey (aka Leptospermum Honey)  is widely accepted within the community as providing health benefits and having healing properties. There are in fact many studies that support Manuka honey’s effectiveness in wound healing. So which Manuka Honey should you buy? Which Manuka Honey is the best? There are different measures used to classify Manuka Honey. In this article the focus is on measuring and maintaining what is referred to as Methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO is the special antibacterial properties found in Leptospermum honey.

Type of Leptospermum Species

A recent study by the University of the Sunshine Coast provides some interesting insights into non-peroxide activity (NPA) of Australian Leptospermum honey.

According to the USC researchers, the special antibacterial properties (MGO) of Manuka honey develops when bees forage on some, (but not all) of the Leptospermum trees/bushes.

To determine which of the species provide the highest levels of MGO, the researchers tested and measured the floral nectar for dihydroxyacetone or DHA. DHA was tested for as the MGO is not present in the flowers. By testing for DHA this provides a measure of MGO as bees spark the conversion of DHA to MGO during the process of making honey.

Thus when wondering which Manuka Honey you should buy, the first thing to check is that the honey has been tested for MGO. This is usually signified by a claim of a minimum MGO strength on the label EG MGO500+.

Obtained from the USC research findings, the list below includes Leptospermum species that have high DHA as well as some Leptospermum species that have zero DHA, that is no potential to produce MGO at all.

Species of Leptospermum











 Average DHA (ppm)











Storage of Manuka Honey

When deciding which Manuku Honey to buy it is also important to know (if possible) how the honey has been stored. An experiment conducted by the University of the Sunshine Coast revealed that prolonged heat destroys both DHA as well as MGO. Thus, the Honey Lab researchers advise that honey drums should not be left out in the sun. Naturally, in any filtration or processing of Manuka honey, the honey again should not be subject to prolonged heating.

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Manuka Honey