MANUKA HONEY MGO 30+ Direct from Australian Beekeepers

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The perfect pantry staple for family wellness; Mild strength of flavour.

A treasured premium Australian product, AB’s Manuka Honey MGO 30+ is a perfect addition to your household pantry. Enjoy daily to improve digestion and boost energy.

AB’s Manuka Honey is 100% chemical and pesticide free, created by bees collecting nectar and pollen from Australian native Manuka forests. Discover the MGO health benefits here.

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About Australian Raw Manuka Honey MGO 30+

Australian Manuka honey has a naturally occurring compound, Methylglyoxal (MGO), that is formed in the honey from Manuka nectar. The amount of MGO in your Manuka honey is directly related to its potency and anti-bacterial properties. The AB’s Manuka Honey you are purchasing on this page has been independently laboratory tested and is rated MGO 30+.

We only sell pure raw Australian Honey direct from Australian Beekeepers. You can buy in confidence knowing that nothing has been added, and none of the goodness has been taken away.

Flavour and Texture

Manuka Honey MGO 30+ is a rich, dark golden colour with a smooth thick texture, redolent of caramelised sugar and butter. Manuka Honey generally has an earthy flavour, mildly sweet, with a very slight aftertaste of candy cough sweets.

Manuka Honey MGO 30+ has a less intense flavour than Manuka Honey MGO 900+ and is a honey the whole family can enjoy daily*.

It doesn’t drip readily from the spoon, making it ideal for spreading.

Sticky Chai tea recipeHow to use Manuka Honey MGO 30+

MGO 30 is considered the lowest level of “active” Manuka. We have higher strengths of Manuka Honey available here.

It can be used in all the ways you would use our raw table honeys and enjoyed every day of the week for an energy and wellness boost. Use it in drinks (this Sticky Chai Tea recipe is especially soothing and comforting if you are feeling unwell), with breakfast, in smoothies, and in baking.

Manuka Honey is even safe for pets!

We recommend always having a jar of this versatile honey in your pantry.

*Note that raw honey is not recommended for infants under 12 months.

Where to buy Manuka Honey?

AB’s Australian Manuka Honey is available in quantities for personal use from this online honey shop, or from our walk-in store at our premises in Capalaba, Queensland. You can also buy bulk Manuka Honey online direct from Australian Beekeepers.

AB’s Honey brings you the best quality 100% Australian Manuka Honey that is pure, raw and healthy – just as Nature intended!


Please note:

Due to legislation in New Zealand, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island and Kangaroo Island, we are unable to deliver AB’s Honey products to these areas.

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