Discover Leatherwood Honey – the rare gourmet honey

There are over 300 hundred different varieties of honey globally. Yet beyond table honey, very few of those become household names in the way that Leatherwood honey has. You may be more familiar with other varieties including Manuka honey, but Leatherwood has been growing in prominence in recent years.

Every honey features a different flavour profile, though most share sweetness in common. They are also unique in colour and texture. There are a variety of factors that determine these different characteristics. So what is it about Leatherwood honey that makes it so popular?

A distinctly gourmet honey

Leatherwood honey is an Australian gourmet honey that comes only from Tasmania, though it is popular globally.

Leatherwood honey is known for its unique flavour profile. With its stunning floral scent and spicy aftertaste, foodies the world over are falling for the deliciously distinct taste. It is particularly popular paired with gamey meats like rabbit and duck, as well as with strong flavours like lamb.

With spice and wood notes and a full-bodied finished, it’s also delicious served alongside a cheeseboard with a strong cheese such as Roquefort. The smooth, buttery texture melts in the mouth, making Leatherwood honey delicious on its own or as a versatile ingredient in beverages, breakfast bars, or a roast.

Sourced from the Tasmanian wilderness

Leatherwood honey comes from Tasmania and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Leatherwood tree is found in the wet, marshy areas of western Tasmania’s Tarkine forests. They are also incredibly difficult to access because they thrive in a very specific environment. Helicopters have been known to be used to drop hives into this remote wilderness.

Tasmania's pristine Cradle Mountain - home of Leatherwood honey

Bees visit the area regularly during January and February, and sometimes as late as mid-March, collecting nectar that beekeepers go to lengths to collect.

Why choose Leatherwood honey

All honey has health benefits, however, there are several reasons why you might choose Leatherwood.

Reasons to choose Leatherwood honey:

  • Unique flavour: Leatherwood honey is popular for its distinct floral aroma and savoury profile which sets it apart from other honey varieties.
  • Tasmanian origin: Exclusively sourced from Tasmania, its limited geographical availability and rarity add to its allure.
  • Antioxidant properties: Rich in antioxidants, Leatherwood honey can boost health when consumed.
  • Gourmet choice: Leatherwood honey is a premium ingredient and considered a delicacy for its rare and gourmet qualities.

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