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The Benefits of Using Honey in Home Brewing

Are you a budding brewer, distiller, or mead maker?

With the cost of living continuing to increase, the popularity of home brewing, distilling and mead making is growing in popularity. Honey has been used over the ages as an easy and versatile alternative to sugar in the brewing process and offers many benefits that sugar doesn’t.

Using honey in your homebrew lets you get creative with flavours and experiment with different combinations to craft a truly unique beverage.

Honey is also a valuable ingredient when making spirits, particularly honey-infused or honey-flavoured spirits.

What does honey offer to the brewing, distilling or mead making process?

Unlike sugar, honey comes in a range of different varieties and they all have their own unique flavour and colour profile. This gives the opportunity to create a lot of variation in your brew. By adjusting the amount of honey in your mead or beer, you can control the alcohol content. More honey means more fermentable sugars and higher alcohol levels.

Honey provides natural sweetness which can balance the flavours in the brew without the need for additional sugars or artificial sweeteners. You can use honey to sweeten your brew, either by adding it during the fermentation process or as a priming sugar for carbonation. This can result in a sweeter and more balanced final product.

Distillers can use honey in a variety of spirits including whiskey, rum, vodka, gin and brandy. Honey can contribute to the complexity of your brew by providing additional flavours and aromas. This can be especially beneficial in mead making, where honey is the primary fermentable sugar and flavour source.

Honey also contains essential nutrients and minerals that can benefit yeast health and fermentation, not to mention that it is a natural preservative.

Which honey variety is right for the brewing, distilling or mead making?

Macadamia Honey is one of the most popular with home brewers and mead makers.Bees forage on the nectar of the flower so there are no worries about a nut allergy. The honey has a nutty malt flavour and amber colour.

Ironbark Honey will add sweetness while not overpowering the flavour of your brew. It has a nice mild flavour and a light amber colour.

Rainforest Honey is the genuine all-rounder. The colour and flavour are well balanced and won’t overpower the batch.

Tea Tree Honey is full of flavour and colour. The robust flavour will give your mead or beer a boost.

Manuka Honey’s distinct flavour will be a hit with everyone who tastes your beer, mead or spirits.

Flexible packaging options

Depending on the size of your batch, there are a variety of sizes available to meet your needs. The popular 1.5kg pours make it easy to decant the honey.


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