What is Creamed Honey?

When we think of creamed honey, we think of Sunday mornings and hot crumpets with lashings of creamed honey. Hmmmm

We are often asked by our customers, both at the markets each week and online, “What is the difference between regular and creamed honey?”  “How do you make it?” “What is creamed honey for?”

What is creamed honey made from?

Creamed honey, also known whipped honey or spun honey, is 100% pure honey! Nothing artificial (or diary) is added! 

If you imagine whipping cream, where you beat the cream in order to trap bubbles of air in the cream, producing a fluffier consistency and texture; whipping honey is similar. In the end, you are left with honey with tiny bubbles of air enhancing the texture and flavour.

Creamed honey has a mild flavour, spreads like butter and unlike liquid honey, doesn’t drip! Pure creamed honey also tends to have a more delicate and consistent texture than traditional honey. 

Our creamed honey possesses a creamy texture because the crystallisation process has been precisely controlled and the varieties of honey used in the creaming process have been carefully selected.

How is Creamed Honey Made?

AB’s Honey pure creamed honey is creamed in small batches using a traditional method and 100% Australian Ironbark honey. The traditional creaming process involves carefully maintaining the natural raw honey at a low temperature and using paddles to gently stir the mixture.  A low temperature is essential to slow the crystallisation process and prevent any damage to the honey.

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Creamed Honey



If you haven’t tried creamed honey before you are missing out!  Creamed honey is absolutely wonderful on warm toast and sourdough bread, or straight from the jar! 😊.

AB’s Honey offers two types of creamed honey; our traditional creamed honey or our very special creamed honey with ginger. The added spice in our creamed honey with ginger, makes this pure Australian creamed honey unique and totally delicious. It is a wonderful addition to a cheese platter, or drizzled on salads.

See our full range of creamed honey here.

Lunch Tip: If your children love honey sandwiches in their lunchboxes, but hate what does to the bread, try creamed honey!  The creamed honey will provide the flavour they love, without sacrificing the bread!