How honey can help your pets

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We know the amazing effects the antibacterial properties found in pure Australian manuka honey has on wounds, to relieve colds, treat burns, ulcers and infections in humans; but is manuka honey safe for dogs? Just like in humans, manuka honey is safe for dogs and has been used to help heal wounds in dogs, cats, and horses.

How does Manuka Honey help?

According to Blackmores, Manuka honey provides a moist wound environment and a protective barrier, preventing bacterial infection. It also helps remove damaged and dead cells, which – if left behind – provide a medium for bacteria to grow on, perpetuate inflammation and delay wound healing.” Dogs Naturally Magazine note that therapeutic manuka honey (that is, manuka with an MGO of 100 or more) can be applied to cuts or burns, or to treat any kind of wound or infection; with its unique properties, therapeutic manuka honey is a natural:
  • antiseptic
  • antibiotic
  • antifungal
  • antiviral
AB’s Honey 100% pure Australian Manuka Honey has the added benefits of being raw honey – meaning its natural goodness and antibacterial properties have not been stripped away due to pasteurisation.  Higher grade MGO manuka honey can also be diluted by up to 50% and still maintain its antimicrobial effect, allowing for some additional ways manuka honey can be used for wounds. Adding manuka honey to a topical antibiotic cream has been known to improve the performance of the cream alone.

4 Strengths of Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey



Manuka Honey



Manuka Honey



Manuka Honey



Manuka honey for dog wounds

Veterinary Practice provides two great tips for using manuka honey on dog, cat and even horse wounds :
  • Create a manuka honey solution – therapeutic grade manuka honey squeezed into a syringe with up to 50% warm saline added and shaken to make a solution. This solution can be used to flush into pocketing wounds, beneath areas of the wound separation, or to moisten gauze intended for wet-to-dry application giving a level of antimicrobial and osmotic action.
  • Manuka honey gel – therapeutic grade manuka honey can be mixed up to 50:50 with a hydrogel (ask your local pharmacy or vet) to create an osmotic gel. (which creates a warm, moist environment which promotes healing of the wound and encourages new skin to grow). The gel you create may be particularly helpful for cases of burns or where tissue loss is extensive. This helps many animals, but in particular, it is great for horses, particularly for hoof infections. (Keep an eye out for our blog on this topic!)
Manuka Honey for petsJust like we use it on ourselves, manuka honey provides a great alternative to other synthetic products to protect wounds, burns and grazes or as a general first aid. In addition, the topical application of manuka to support quicker healing time, manuka honey has also been shown to be beneficial for conditions such as kennel cough, by alleviating many of your dog’s symptoms. Of course, we are no veterinarians, so it’s always good to check with your pet’s vet. AB’s Honey offers Australia’s best therapeutic grade 100% raw manuka honey.  View the full range of manuka honey here.