Can You Eat Honeycomb?

Can You Eat Honeycomb? Is Honeycomb Edible?

Yes, is the answer to the question “Can You Eat Honeycomb?”  In fact you can buy fresh honeycomb online here at Simply Honey online honey shop and we have provided eight recommendations on how to eat fresh honeycomb.

Why Do People Ask – Can You Eat Honeycomb?

Most people ask the question “Can You Eat Honeycomb?” because they are not sure if it is safe to eat honeycomb.  It is totally safe (and some say very healthy) to eat honeycomb as the honey (as for all raw honey) in honeycomb is a natural antibiotic. However, all raw honey and thus honeycomb are not recommended for infants under 12 months of age.

Not only is the honey safe to eat, but you can also eat all of the honeycomb including the waxy cells, the raw honey, pollen, propolis and Royal Jelly which may well also be in honeycomb.

What is Raw Honeycomb?

Raw honeycomb is a 100% natural product produced by the hard work of bees and bees only. It is comprised of raw honey captured within waxy hexagon shaped honeycomb cells. If you buy honeycomb from AB’s Honey you will receive a product that has been untouched by human hands – until you dip your fingers in that is…

In contrast to the smoothness of honey, raw honeycomb has texture which provides it with body, and because of this honeycomb can partner with foods that honey can’t…

How to Eat Honeycomb

There are many ways to eat the delicious natural honey and waxy honeycomb cells and below are some of our recommendations for how to eat honeycomb:-

  1. Honeycomb is as natural a product as you can get, so when wondering how to eat honeycomb, why not use what nature provided you with – and use your fingers! Children in particular will enjoy licking the oozing honey from their hands.
  2. When entertaining serve your raw honey on a platter with seasonal fruit and some of your favourite cheeses (handmade, gourmet or organic, whatever strikes your fancy).
  3. Simply spread onto fresh bread, warm buttered toast or an English muffin.
  4. For something different, top your favourite fresh salad with chunks of raw honeycomb and goats cheese.
  5. For breakfast how about stirring chopped honeycomb into natural Greek yoghurt and blending the sweet and sour flavours.
  6. Why not spice up an already spicy dish of chilli by topping the dish with a scoop of sour cream and honeycomb.
  7. Go French with a baguette, runny brie and mashed honeycomb.
  8. For a simple but delicious dessert stir into softened vanilla ice-cream.

Storing Raw Honeycomb

Your raw honeycomb should be stored at room temperature, not in the fridge. Honeycomb can be kept for a long time as due to its antibiotic properties it will not ‘go-off’. Depending on how long you keep your honeycomb it may start to crystallise, but even then it is still 100% edible…

Conclusion – You Can Eat Honeycomb!

Finally I believe we have answered the questions ‘can you eat honeycomb and is honeycomb edible’ and also given you some different ideas on how to eat honeycomb – so, you too can now enjoy the wholesome goodness of a truly delicious natural product.

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This blog written by Simply Honey, the online honey store selling AB’s Honey, renowned for their Australian Manuka Honey and quality 100% Australian honey blends and raw honey.