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What Are the Benefits of Honey Water?

honey water

Healthy, flavourful, and incredibly sweet – honey on it’s own has many proven health benefits.  Combining honey with water not only makes it a refreshing drink but also retains all those amazing health benefits. Honey water is known to have antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you fight off many diseases as well […]

How to Use and Cook with Manuka Honey

cooking with Manuka Honey

Drizzled on toast, added to a cup of tea or into your baking, the popularity of honey sure has changed in recent years. More people are getting “the buzz” and understanding the benefits of substituting honey over sugar. One variety that is standing out from the crowd, is Australian Manuka Honey. But why? The industry’s […]

Can Manuka Honey help with flu and other viruses?

manuka honey

Amidst the global Covid19 pandemic, many Australian’s are searching for answers or solutions to their healthcare. Information is being shared, discussed and argued not only in the main stream media but also on Social media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. At AB’s Honey and via our online store Simply Honey, we have been […]