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What Are the Benefits of Honey Water?

honey water

Healthy, flavourful, and incredibly sweet – honey on it’s own has many proven health benefits.  Combining honey with water not only makes it a refreshing drink but also retains all those amazing health benefits. Honey water is known to have antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you fight off many diseases as well […]

Manuka Honey – The Natural Immunity Booster

manuka honey immunity

Our body is prone to different illnesses, from common winter colds to sore throats and viral infections. The natural immune system defends us against these diseases that keep us from taking advantage of the full functions of our body. Hence, to stay healthy, we must learn how to boost our immunity and ensure that our […]

Supporting local businesses – what we can do

support local honey

Australian states and territories have closed their borders to limit travel for non-residents. Non-essential businesses like pubs and clubs have temporarily closed. Other businesses are struggling and having to close or let their staff go. And over a million people became unemployed overnight. For small businesses like ours, still in operation, we’re concerned about what […]

Benefits Of Honey And Lemon for Skin

honey for skin

Treatments at beauty clinics are not the only solution to your skin and face problems. Home treatments such as honey and lemon juice are excellent substitutes for expensive treatment products, are cost effective and better for the environment.

Why honey is the bees knees for wounds and infections


HISTORY OF HONEY Honey has been around for centuries. As of recent times, archeologists have actually found honey in ancient Egyptian tombs. The honey is thousands of years old and is still edible, it is found to have preserved over the millennia. In fact, archeologists have found rock paintings of honey harvesting, dating back more […]