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Don’t Let Bugs and Bites Ruin Your Australian Summer Holidays

It is almost summer holidays. Whether it is a beach or bush, hotel, or camping, we all love a good getaway in summer. With summer in Australia, also comes the season of bugs, bites and stings. It is better to take precautions before you set off to that holiday, and there is no better precaution than Bite Away®.

What is Bite Away?

AB’s Honey is a proud distributor and stocks the Bite Away® online via, Simply Honey. The Bite Away® is a portable battery charged device, which radiates natural concentrated heat. A single click will bring out the heat from the device, which you place on your itch, bite or sting site.

How Does It Work?

The Bite Away® is chemical-free device and has a microprocessor, which enables the temperature to reach almost 50 degrees Celsius. The temperature remains constant for 3-6 seconds. Its two × AA batteries get you almost 300 applications.

What Does It Treat?

From mosquito bites to bluebottle jellyfish stings, Bite Away® will be your must-carry item this year even at the beach or while hiking – a great addition to your family first aid kit. Wasp stings, bee stings, flea bites, lies, bed bugs, horsefly, stinging nettle, midge bites, march fly/sandfly bites, say goodbye to all of them! You will not feel any nasty itch or sting after using Bite Away® for 6 seconds.

Tick bites, green ant stings, and insect bites with histamine reactions can also be helped with Bite Away®.

What Makes It Different?

Bite Away® is a registered medical device with TGA (ARTG ID:223108). It is a clinically tested and chemical-free medical device, which can rid you of your itch, swelling, and pain in 6 seconds. The heat coming out of it weakens the toxins of the bite area, and so prevents any reaction.

How Long Does the Device Last?

You can always add new batteries after finishing your initial 300 applications. New batteries will make the device as new as it can be.

Who Can Use?

Everyone in your family from your kids to grandparents can use this device, even your furry friends. It’s also safe to use for pregnant women, heart patients, and people with allergies and epilepsy.

Where to Avoid?

Avoid its use on eyes, mucous membranes, and open wounds.

How to Use It?

  • Place the round contact plate on the bite.
  • Click any button.
  • The LED light will radiate.
  • LED will stop itself after 3-6 seconds.
  • You are good to go but can reapply if necessary.

Do not let a bug bite or sting ruin your summer, make sure you have your Bite Away® handy to keep enjoying the outdoors.

AB’s Honey is a proud distributor of the incredible Bite Away® device and is available for purchase online via our Simply Honey Shop.

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