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Pure raw honeycomb, direct from the beehive to you.

Our 100% Australian honeycomb comes to you straight from Australian beekeepers with delicious raw golden honey captured in honeycomb. Ready to be spread across your toast or served on a cheese or grazing platter to entertain friends, honeycomb is as natural a product you can get.

Please note: Unfortunately, due to biosecurity legislation, we cannot ship any honeycomb products to Tasmania, Western Australia, Norfolk Island, or Kangaroo Island. 

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Fresh Raw Honeycomb

There is nothing more fresh and pure than raw honeycomb straight out of the beehive. Enjoy it straight from the container, add it to your cheese platter, your breakfast toast, or even your ice cream.

Our pristine honeycomb comes straight from the hive just as the bees have made it. When you buy raw honeycomb from Simply Honey prepare yourself for a delectable treat created by nature.

As you can imagine, packaging such a sticky product is quite difficult. If you find a small amount of leakage when receiving your delivery of raw honeycomb, we assure you that your fresh honeycomb will still be delicious and safe to eat.

Flavour and Texture

Enjoy the burst of honey as you bite into the honeycomb. The wax residue has a light chewy texture and is safe to consume and packed full of goodness. The liquid honey is sweet and pure, just the same as our regular table honeys.

NOTE: Just like our raw honey, honeycomb comes in light golden colours through to dark colours. It all depends on what the bees have been collecting nectar and pollen from.

Ways to Enjoy Raw Honeycomb

Honeycomb Cheese Board Platter

Raw honeycomb could be considered Nature’s first lolly. People have enjoyed the sweet treat for thousands of years. It’s delicious spread on fresh warm bread or pancakes. When served with a cheese platter or charcuterie board, honeycomb perfectly complements soft cheeses, delicatessen meats, and nuts.

100% natural and untouched, fresh honeycomb is the perfect partner with your favourite cheeses and crackers. You could even add it to your gourmet salad!

Honeycomb and Comb in Honey are suitable for vegetarians.

Where to Buy Honeycomb in Australia?

At Simply Honey, we sell 100% pure raw Australian honeycomb and deliver it direct to your home. Our raw honeycomb is for sale in either a 150gm or 400gm container. All honeycomb products on our online store (Simply Honey) are sourced from AB’s Honey, a highly respected honey producer based in Brisbane Queensland, and beekeepers themselves.

For wholesale enquiries, please visit abhoney.com.au.

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