Deliciously scented infusion of Madagascan Vanilla Bean & raw Australian honey.

Scented and infused with the natural Madagascan vanilla beans,  AB’s Vanilla Honey is a beautiful, harmonious blend of flavours which make a true treat for the senses.  Vanilla infused honey is the most exotic in the AB’s range of honey blends.

AB’s true Vanilla Honey is the perfect addition to ice-cream, a cup of tea and for home baking – or simply add to fresh bread or warm toast with salted butter…

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Vanilla Infused Honey

Madagascan vanilla beans (or pods) are the perfect infusion for AB’s real raw Australian honey.

Most vanilla-flavoured products on the market are artificially flavoured. This is because natural vanilla beans are one of the most labour-intensive agricultural products in the world. Therefore quality vanilla beans are pricey and not very easy to source. AB’s Honey delivers top quality 100% Real Australian Honey flavoured only with real Madagascan vanilla beans.

Vanilla beans are grown on a vining orchid, originally in Mexico but now in tropical areas around the world including Madagascar which is a very popular source of vanilla beans. This is due to the depth of flavour, richness in colour and sweet buttery aroma, which is why AB’s choose these seeds to create vanilla infused honey.

One reason for the scarcity of real vanilla is that it can take a cutting of the orchid vine up to three years before it produces orchid blooms – and these blooms die within a few hours unless they are hand pollinated.  Then the pods once grown have to stay on the vine for nine months before being harvested.

After being harvested the pods (and enclosed seeds) then go through a drying and curing process for several months after which the final product, the Madagascan vanilla beans are available for sale.

Vanilla Honey supplied by Australian beekeepers and artisans AB’s Honey will always contain natural true products including raw honey produced by bees as nature provides it as well as real vanilla beans from Madagascar producing a true vanilla bean honey.

Buy Vanilla Honey

This delicious vanilla honey is available for sale at this online store in a 500gm bottle, buy AB’s Vanilla Honey and it will be delivered right to your door.

P.S. If you like vanilla infused honey, you might want to try Ginger In Honey.

Please note:

Due to legislation in New Zealand, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island and Kangaroo Island, we are unable to deliver AB’s Honey products to these areas.

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