Simply Honey Taster Pack


Our Simply Honey Taster Pack brings you 6 of our popular 100% Australian pure, raw honey variants in 120g jars for you to taste and enjoy. Find your new favourite honey for every occasion: a honey for your tea, a honey for your toast, a honey for baking, honey the kids will love – this selection of honeys is sure to delight.

Find your new favourite flavour today.

Please note: due to seasonal variations a honey variety may become unavailable from time-to-time. When this happens, the unavailable honey will be substituted with our distinctive premium Leatherwood Honey.

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If you just can’t decide which of our delicious 100% pure Australian honeys to choose, then the Simply Honey Taster Pack is for you!

The Simply Honey Taster Pack includes 6 of our popular Australian table honeys in 120g jars, making it an ideal choice for a honey connoisseur and perfect as a gift basket inclusion for someone special.

The Simply Honey Taster Pack includes:

Brisbane Locale Honey

This Brisbane Locale Honey is nothing like what you would buy in the supermarket. AB’s Honey comes straight from local beehives in the greater Brisbane area and is delivered to you the way that bees created it; pure, raw local honey. A jar of this real Brisbane local honey will also contain microscopic pollen grains, small segments of honeycomb and propolis (royal jelly).

Yellow Box Honey

Yellow Box Honey comes from the Yellow Box Eucalyptus, which has creamy pale yellow blossoms and a yellow inner bark. The Latin name, Eucalyptus Melliodora is apt; Melliodora is translated as “odour of honey” referring to the sweet honey aroma of the blossoms.

Ironbark Honey

Ironbark Honey is from the blossoms of the uniquely Australian Ironbark trees found in open forests of Eastern Australia. It is a very popular light amber honey and popular with all ages due to its mild but distinctive sweet smooth taste. Ironbark Honey is a very versatile everyday honey and great for baking and use in marinades.

Macadamia Honey

Macadamia Honey is created by bees foraging on the white flowers (or blossoms) of our native Australian macadamia trees. This honey is truly one of a kind and we invite you to taste this distinctive nutty malt flavour and enjoy the sweet aroma.

Rainforest Honey

Specially blended from local honeys, our medium amber Rainforest Honey achieves an excellent balance of sweetness and flavour which endears it to families and chefs all across Australia.

Tea Tree Honey

Taste the coast with this robustly flavoured medium to dark amber Tea Tree Honey. Whether used as a sweetener in beverages or recipes or as a topping on cereal, ice cream or toast, this classic Australian Honey will enhance your dining experience.

Your Simply Honey Taster Pack will be delivered to you in a sturdy white box for you to decorate or wrap for gift-giving, or you can add the jars to a special gift basket of your own creation.

Our tip: If buying this pack as a gift, don’t forget to treat yourself to one too!

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