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Real Australian ginger in 100% real Australian honey, the perfect combination of two natural products produced by nature to create Ginger Honey.  This heavenly combination is of the finest quality produced by renowned AB’s Honey, Australian beekeepers and natural honey suppliers. When you buy honey with ginger the flavour of the ginger is throughout the honey at just the right amount. This means it is ready to go in your cooking or as a soothing drink

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Ginger In Honey

Ginger in Honey is for honey connoisseurs and for those seeking products straight from mother nature.  Our Ginger in Honey is 100% pure Australian ginger and 100% pure Australian Honey.

AB’s Ginger in Honey is available for discerning honey consumers through this online store only.  You may have found the delicious and unique taste of AB’s Ginger Honey in other products or through the food service industry, only now is AB Honey making their gourmet honey available to the public worldwide through this online store.

Ginger Honey Uses

Ginger Honey is a great ingredient in cooking adding that extra spicy flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes.

Ginger Honey has also been used as a remedy for many ailments including relieving stress, indigestion, for pain relief and the most common of all to help with colds and flu.

Using Ginger Honey in a hot toddy is also very popular.

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