An energising infusion of piquant Australian Ginger and natural Australian honey

Real Australian ginger in 100% real Australian honey; it’s sweet, spicy and delicious! Ginger Honey is perfect straight off the spoon, in cooking, in smoothies…

This heavenly combination is of the finest quality produced by renowned AB’s Honey, Australian beekeepers and natural honey suppliers.

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Ginger In Honey

We’ve carefully blended 100% Australian Ginger from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast with 100% pure raw Yellow Box Honey from Australia’s New England Tablelands to create this gourmet delight.

Ginger in Honey is for connoisseurs and for those seeking products straight from mother nature. AB’s Ginger in Honey is 100% pure Australian Ginger and 100% pure Australian Honey. The combination is one that is easy to consume and is great for digestion. It has the added benefits of being an antioxidant, and studies have also suggested that the combination is good for cardiac health, too.

Flavour and Texture

The complimentary flavours are perfectly balanced, with soft chunks of ginger densely suspended throughout the honey, creating a tantalising texture.

For a flavour sensation, the ginger spices up the honey and the honey tempers the ginger’s sharp bite. This means it is ready to go straight into your cooking or be dissolved into a soothing drink.

It’s sweet, spicy, and delicious!

Ginger Honey Uses

Our 100% pure Australian Ginger in Honey is a great ingredient in cooking, adding that extra sweet-spicy flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. It is perfect to add to a summer salad dressing, a stir-fry sauce, or for glazing salmon. Using Ginger Honey in a hot toddy is also very popular.

ww2 ginger honey cookies recipe cardGinger in Honey is such a versatile gourmet blend with complimentary flavours that work well in a surprising number of ways. Try it spread on toast with peanut paste for a sensational new snack, stirred into Greek yoghurt, or simply spread on hot buttered crumpets. It’s a perfect marinade for meats and a great base for a homemade barbecue sauce. We have lots of recipes using our ginger in honey right here on our website, including these fabulously tasty WW2 cookies!

Ginger and honey have been used together as a natural remedy for many ailments, including relieving stress, soothing indigestion, for pain relief and – the most common of all – to help ease the symptoms of colds and flu. For expectant mothers, ginger and honey is a great remedy for nausea and to help ease morning sickness. Try it on plain toast or in a soothing tea.

There’s no doubt that AB’s Ginger in Honey is a great source of immune-boosting natural energy, making this an essential pantry staple for all Australians.

100% pure, raw, Australian honey, naturally produced by bees, and blended for you by Australian Beekeepers.


Please note:

Due to legislation in New Zealand, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island and Kangaroo Island, we are unable to deliver AB’s Honey products to these areas.

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