Honey Lovers Pack


Lovers of honey and natural nutrition will love our Honey Lovers Pack. We’ve selected some of our favourite AB’s Honey products to give honey lovers a delicious and diverse choice of table honey and gourmet honey to suit every mealtime.

Treat someone special to our special Honey Lovers Pack.

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Treat yourself or someone special to our Honey Lovers Pack with free shipping!

This pack includes:

  • 500g Manuka MGO 30+

A pantry staple, AB’s Manuka Honey MGO 30+ can be used everyday, wherever you would use table honey. Thanks to its mild strength and easy affordability, it is a guilt-free way for the whole family to enjoy the benefits of active Manuka Honey.

  • 500g Macadamia Squeeze

This pure Macadamia Honey can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Our favourite is Macadamia Honey combined with Greek Yoghurt. We invite you to discover the distinctively nutty flavour and sweet aroma of AB’s Macadamia Honey for yourself. 😊

  • 500g Brisbane Locale Squeeze

This Brisbane Local Honey is nothing like what you would buy in the supermarket. AB’s Honey comes straight from local beehives in the greater Brisbane area and is delivered to you the way that bees created it; pure, raw local honey. In fact, a bottle or jar of this real Brisbane Local Honey will also contain microscopic pollen grains, small segments of honeycomb and propolis (royal jelly) that can help alleviate hayfever symptoms.

  • 500g Yellow Box Squeeze

From its light amber colour to its smooth buttery flavour, one taste is all you need to see why Yellow Box Honey is one of Australia’s favourite honeys. Yellow Box Honey has a lower GI than other honeys* and is slow to crystallise, making it your perfect pantry staple.

  • 500g Ginger in Honey

Real Australian ginger in 100% real Australian honey; it’s sweet, spicy and delicious! Ginger in Honey is perfect straight off the spoon, in cooking, in smoothies…

100% pure, raw, Australian honey, naturally produced by bees and brought to you by Australian Beekeepers.

AB’s Honey: it stands for Australian Beekeepers!

Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 15 cm

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