Honey Lovers Pack


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Treat your mum this Mothers Day to our Honey Lovers Pack special with free shipping!

This pack includes:

  • 500g Manuka MGO 30+

AB’s Manuka Honey is purely Australian and locally made. Our Australian Manuka honey reflects the quality and purity you would expect from the AB’s Honey premium natural brand along with the additional health benefits this magical product possesses.

  • 500g Macadamia squeeze

This true and pure Macadamia Honey can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

My favourite is combined with Greek Yoghurt. I could waffle for lines about this and still not do it credit. Do yourself a favour and just try it. 😊

  • 500g Local squeeze

This Brisbane Local Honey is nothing like what you would buy in the supermarket.  AB’s Honey comes straight from the bee hives and is delivered to you the way that bees created it.  Pure, raw Local Honey, in fact, a bottle or jar of this real honey will also contain pollen grains, small segments of honey comb and propolis (royal jelly).

  • 500g Yellow box Squeeze

Yellow Box Honey comes from the Yellow Box Eucalyptus which has creamy pale yellow blossoms and a yellow inner bark. The Latin name, Eucalyptus Melliodora is apt; Melliodora is translated as “odor of honey” referring to the sweet honey aroma of the blossoms.

  • 500g Ginger in Honey

Real Australian ginger in 100% real Australian honey, the perfect combination of two natural products produced by nature to create Ginger Honey. This heavenly combination is of the finest quality produced by renowned AB’s Honey, Australian beekeepers and natural honey suppliers.



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