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With AB’s Honey pure creamed honey with ginger, you are buying pure Iron Bark Honey creamed in small batches using a traditional method. The traditional creaming process involves carefully maintaining the natural raw honey at a low temperature and using paddles to gently stir the mixture. The added ginger spice makes this 100% pure Australian creamed honey unique and delicious.

The best creamed honeys (like AB’s Honey’s) have small crystals (the smaller the crystals, the better) making the creamed honey smooth with the texture of velvet on your tongue.

Our distinctive creamed honey with locally grown Australian ginger has been created by bees and AB’s Honey. It spreads just like butter and does not drip like liquid honey.

The added spice makes this 100% pure Australian creamed honey unique and totally delicious. The tiny crystals create the creamy texture of our famous creamed honey, which is then blended with Australian ginger, making it one of AB’s most desirable kinds of honey.

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Where to buy Australian Creamed Honey with Ginger

You can buy AB’s Honey 100% pure Australian Creamed Honey with Ginger in a 225g or a 425g jar at our online honey shop, Simply Honey, or from our retail store at our premises in Capalaba, Brisbane. Through our trusted network of freight carriers, we will have it delivered safely to your home for you to enjoy.

How to use Creamed Honey

AB’s Honey offers two types of creamed honey; our traditional creamed honey or our very special creamed honey with ginger. The added spice makes it a wonderful ingredient to add to salad dressings or marinades. It is also perfect spread across a crumpet, toast, or bagel for breakfast.

We recommend storing your creamed honey in the fridge in warmer months.

What is creamed honey made from?

Creamed honey, also known whipped honey or spun honey, is 100% pure honey. Nothing artificial has been added. Our creamed honey possesses the most beautiful creamy texture because the crystallisation process has been meticulously controlled through small batches.

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