This 100% Australian Manuka Honey is chemical and pesticide free and in our opinion the best Manuka Honey in Australia.  The bees collect the nectar from native Australian flora creating as natural and delicious and unique as only this honey can be.

    This internationally sought after honey has a rich distinctive earthy taste and deep rich dark colour.  We’re no Doctors, we simply know, trust and back AB’s Honey products. No need for fancy sales campaigns or advertising when you can enjoy the taste and natural benefits of something as good as Mother Nature has blessed us with.

    The highest quality and strength of AB’s real raw Manuka Honey is – 900+ methylglyoxal, natures antibacterial remedy.  Other strengths of Manuka Honey are also available from 30+ methylglyoxal upwards. Buy Manuka Honey online and have honey from Australian native forests delivered to your door.

    375g comes in a glass jar with the lid taped for safe transportation

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