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Australian beeswax is one of the purest in the world. We guarantee our beeswax sold at Simply Honey is only 100% pure Australian beeswax.

When you buy natural beeswax rustic chunks or blocks from Simply Honey you can be certain it is kept as close as possible to its natural state. This can be seen in the specs of colour in the wax from pollen and other unfiltered items dotted throughout the beautifully natural colour.

Just like honey, the colour of the beeswax may vary depending on what the bees have been foraging on. You may see a dusty look on the beeswax. This is what shows it’s purity and natural state.

These rustic chunks of totally natural beeswax and may contain small amounts of naturally occurring sediment. They have not been bleached nor washed with chemicals and are completely additive free.

Dependent upon the season, the colour of this pure beeswax will vary.

When you buy beeswax from Simply Honey you have the choice of buying wax in blocks of 100gm each, chunks (in kilograms) or slabs of 1kg each.

Perfect for:

  • Beeswax wraps
  • Candles
  • Lip Balm
  • Furniture Polish

Check out our recipes for inspiration!

Please select from below the type of wax you would like, either chips off the block (rustic chunks) or the blocks themselves and then select the quantity.

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Raw Wax Uses

People buy beeswax for a variety of reasons including beeswax wraps, candle making, restoring furniture, batik dyeing, for soaps, creams, lotions, lip balms, making crayons, leather conditioning and waxing surfboards. Check out our recipes for inspiration!

Creation of Natural Beeswax

Natural beeswax is produced by wax producing glands of worker bees who discard it in the hive.  The working bees in the hive then collect the raw wax and create the honeycomb cells for storing pollen and honey as well as for safe protection for their young.

The honeycomb constructed of six-sided hexagon shaped cylinders is a triumph of engineering due to its strength and the fact that it uses the least possible amount of natural wax to hold the maximum amount of honey.

Buy Australia’s Best Beeswax

You can buy the rustic chunks or blocks from Simply Honey in 1kg lots or if you wish to buy beeswax in bulk please email us at [email protected]

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Rustic Chunks, 1kg Block


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