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A classic Australian bush honey; smooth and buttery sweetness.

From its light amber colour to its smooth buttery flavour, one taste is all you need to see why Yellow Box Honey is one of Australia’s favourite honeys.

Yellow Box Honey has a lower GI than other honeys*. It is slow to crystallise, making it your perfect pantry staple.
(*Please consult your health professional if seeking personal dietary advice to manage your diabetes or blood sugar levels)

375g jars are glass and have their lids taped for safe transportation.

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About Yellow Box Honey

The scientific name for Yellow Box, Eucalyptus Melliodora literally means “odour of honey”. It’s no wonder bees foraging the blossoms produce some of the sweetest, most tempting honey in Australia!

Australian Beekeepers know the popularity of Yellowbox Honey. They take their bees to the yellow box ranges in spring so the bees can forage amongst the creamy pale-yellow flowers.

Flavour and Texture

Yellow Box Honey is smooth and free-flowing. As one of the slowest honeys to crystallise, it will remain liquid for many years when stored in the pantry.

The honey is sweet, light, and softly buttery, inviting you to sit back and savour every delicious mouthful. The aromatic floral fragrance engages the senses to provide a “honeymood” lift that lasts far beyond the last finger-licking moment.

Ways to enjoy Yellow Box HoneyANZAC Biscuit Recipe with Honey - Ironbark or Yellow Box Honey

Yellow Box is a perfect everyday honey. It can be used as a sweetener in drinks and baking, a topping for toasted bread treats, and as a marinade or salad dressing ingredient. We recommend you always make sure you have plenty in your pantry!

If you want to try baking with honey, this traditional Anzac Biscuit Recipe with Yellow Box Honey is an absolute winner.

You can also try Yellow Box as part of our new Simply Honey Taster Pack and in our Honey Lovers Pack.

100% pure, raw, Australian honey, naturally produced by bees and brought to you by Australian Beekeepers.

Please note:

Due to legislation in New Zealand, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island and Kangaroo Island, we are unable to deliver AB’s Honey products to these areas.

When buying products in glass jars, our team will carefully seal your honey jar lids with tape and package accordingly before they leave our warehouse. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent leakages caused during transit time and as such, we cannot replace or provide refund for these items. We appreciate your understanding.


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