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Gathered between 1770 & the Byron Bay region; Sweet and mild with toffee after-tones.

This honey is truly one of a kind, produced by bees foraging the blossoms of Australian Macadamia trees. We invite you to discover the distinctively nutty flavour and sweet aroma of AB’s Macadamia Honey.

375g jars are glass and have their lids taped for safe transportation.

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About Macadamia Honey

Macadamia trees are indigenous to the east coast of Australia, producing the famous creamy, crunchy nuts that are enjoyed worldwide. Farmers rely on beekeepers bringing their hives to the orchards from August to September to pollinate the nut blossom and ensure a good crop of nuts. It’s a win-win situation as beekeepers leave with hives full of delicious, malty, Macadamia honey.

Flavour and Texture

A light golden colour and sweet honey aroma tempt the taste buds before the first drop of honey even hits the palate. The flavour is exotically nutty with delightful toffee aftertones. The texture is creamy smooth and slightly thick, making it perfect for spreading.

Honey Cheesecake RecipeWays to enjoy Macadamia Honey

Macadamia Honey is the ideal “dessert” honey. It goes exceptionally well with milk-based products like ice-cream, yoghurt and creamed cheese. The nutty malt flavour makes it a sweet sugar substitute in biscuit and cake recipes. Try this simple, yet indulgent, Macadamia cheesecake recipe to impress the guests at your next get-together.

As true-blue Australian beekeepers, we recommend eating Macadamia Honey straight from the spoon!

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100% pure, raw, Australian honey, naturally produced by bees and brought to you by Australian Beekeepers.

Please note:

Due to legislation in New Zealand, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island and Kangaroo Island, we are unable to deliver AB’s Honey products to these areas.

When buying products in glass jars, our team will carefully seal your honey jar lids with tape and package accordingly before they leave our warehouse. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent leakages caused during transit time and as such, we cannot replace or provide a refund for these items. We appreciate your understanding.

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Jar, Easy-Pour (Jerrycan), Squeeze Bottle


250g, 375g Glass Jar, 500g, 700g, 1Kg, 1.5Kg

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