Proven health benefits of Manuka Honey

Winter is coming… Health benefits of Manuka Honey

Winter is coming!

Honey has long been a soothing remedy for the effects of coughs, colds, and flus. We have mentioned the benefits of 100% pure, raw honey before, however, Manuka Honey has its own benefits. As we approach winter, it’s a perfect time to investigate the health benefits of Manuka Honey. Consider adding Manuka Honey to your daily honey regime. 

Manuka Honey is produced by bees foraging manuka plants. These plants are found across Australia, and Australian Manuka Honey is proven to have many health benefits. The industry’s peak body, the Australian Manuka Honey Association, describes some of the benefits of Manuka Honey, noting studies have uncovered:

that bacteria with resistance to modern antibiotics (becoming superbugs) cannot develop resistance to the activity of Manuka honey (Blair et al. 2009). Manuka effectively inhibits problematic bacterial pathogens unlike any other known antimicrobial, with attempts to generate honey-resistant bacterial strains in a laboratory unsuccessful”. 

So what does this mean for us?

Two health benefits of Manuka Honey

We’re not doctors or health professionals, so we turned to the web to see what science has uncovered. summarised “7 Health Benefits of Manuka Honey, Based on Science” illustrating why Manuka Honey should be in your pantry this winter (and every season). Here are our top two Manuka benefits for winter:

  1. Benefits of Manuka Honey for wound healing: Honey offers antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It maintains a moist wound environment and provides a protective barrier, preventing microbial infections in the wound. Studies cite Manuka Honey has shown to be beneficial in enhancing wound healing and amplifying the regeneration of tissue.
  2. Benefits of Manuka Honey for sore throat: Manuka honey is shown to provide some relief to sore throats. With its antiviral and antibacterial properties, Manuka Honey can reduce inflammation and attack the bacteria that cause pain. According to, Manuka Honey not only attacks harmful bacteria, it coats the inner lining of the throat and provides a soothing effect.

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Four strengths of Manuka Honey

member of the australian manuka honey association

For more information the benefits of Manuka Honey, we recommend you start with the Australian Manuka Honey Association. We are proud members of the AMHA and are committed to quality standards and rigourous testing they require to become a member.

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