Sticky Honey Meatballs

Sticky Honey Sriracha Meatballs

Sticky Honey Meatballs

Sticky Honey Sriracha Meatballs

Use Chinese five spice for a touch of warm spicy flavours to these sticky pork asian meatballs.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Asian


  • 500 grams pork mince
  • 1 brown onion grated
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1/2 teas chinese five spice
  • 80 mL sriracha chilli sauce
  • 60 mL honey
  • 125 mL liquid chicken stock
  • 100 grams baby spinach
  • 200 grams tomatoes halved
  • 4 baby cucumbers
  • steamed rice to serve
  • fresh coriander to serve
  • fried shallots to serve


  • Combine the mince, onion, oyster sauce, five spice, 2 tablespoons sriracha and 1 tablespoon honey in a large bowl. Roll tablespoonfuls of mixture into balls.
  • Heat a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Spray with oil. Cook the meatballs, in 2 batches, turning carefully so they don’t break up, for 2-3 minutes or until browned.
  • Add the stock and remaining 2 tablespoons sriracha and 2 tablespoons honey to the pan. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 5-10 minutes or until slightly reduced and sauce is thick.
  • Divide spinach, tomato, cucumber and meatballs among serving bowls. Serve with rice and top with coriander and shallot, if you like.


The best Sticky Honey Meatballs, made from scratch pork meatballs with a delicious flavourful sauce.

Recipe Ingredient – Brisbane Locale Honey

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