How to sweeten your beauty routine with honey

It has been called the nectar of the gods and Cleopatra swore by it, so it is no surprise that integrating a little raw honey into your beauty routine is like diving into the fountain of youth. Here’s why sweetening your beauty routine with honey can have lots of benefits.

Not only does raw honey have antibacterial qualities, but it is great for healing, moisturising, and nourishing the skin. On top of that, it can help with acne problems, scars and is an amazing burn treatment.

Here at Simply Honey, we have collated a few simple ways our customers (and our team!) use our 100% raw natural honey in their daily beauty routines.

Honey as a natural moisturiser

During the dry winter months, your skin needs extra hydration, due to its hygroscopic properties; honey attracts moisture from the air and absorbs it. This means that as an ingredient in skin and personal care products, honey will help keep your skin or hair hydrated.

Create a one-ingredient hydrating mask by applying a teaspoon of pure honey to your face. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Honey to fade your dark spots

Researchers believe there is a direct link between using honey on the face and lightening dark spots. Because honey has important properties, using it on the face can eliminate dead skin cells that make the skin appear dull.

Mixing tomato juice with honey can help reduce tan lines, lighten skin tone, and remove blemishes.

Honey as a treatment for acne scars

Honey is a natural moisturiser and a natural antiseptic. Not only does this keep the skin soft and healthy, but it also ensures that it can help with minimizing the appearance of scars.

Apply a small drop of honey to an old scar every day and watch it gradually fade. You can also apply honey to a small burn to help it heal faster.

To use honey to reduce scars, mix a tablespoon of raw honey with a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil. Apply to the affected area and massage in circular motions with the fingertips for one or two minutes. Place a warm washcloth on the skin and let it cool. Repeat every day.

Honey as your budget-friendly anti-aging cream

The natural antioxidants in honey help control fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Applying honey to the face in the form of a honey mask increases the elasticity of the skin, making it appear more radiant.

Simply mix honey with milk to form a paste. Keep this paste on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Raw honey has all kinds of beneficial properties beyond the “flavourful”. Recent studies have explored the benefits of using raw honey for a variety of medicinal uses and that can only add to why honey is so widely (and rightly) used in personal and beauty products.

Where to buy raw honey for home

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