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Honey Carrot Salad & Ginger In Honey Carrot Cake

Family Favourites – Two Delicious Recipes

Being lovers of honey (as well as beekeepers) we enjoy honey just as it is quite simply, such as with muesli for breakfast, on fresh bread for lunch, with warm scones for afternoon tea, as a sweetener for tea and coffee and as a drizzle over ice-cream or yoghurt for dessert. We also very much enjoy using and experimenting with the different flavours of our honey in cooking. Honey is a wonderful ingredient in cooking not only cookies and cakes but also in meat and vegetable dishes. Below are the first two of our family favourite recipes that we are sharing with our customers. Both have carrots and AB’s Honey as their main ingredients, one is a rather unique savoury/sweet carrot salad the other is a delicious and moreish ginger carrot cake.

Yellow Box Honey Carrot Salad


500g carrots – cut julienne 1 small onion – thinly sliced 1 small green capsicum – thinly sliced ½ tin condensed tomato soup ½ a handful of finely chopped parsley
125gm AB’s Yellow Box Honey 85ml extra virgin olive oil 85ml white wine vinegar 1 tsp salt, 1tsp pepper


Parboil the carrots for approximately three minutes until they are al dente. Remove carrots from heat, pour off boiling water and run under cold water in a sieve to stop cooking. Heat (but do not boil) all the other ingredients (except the parsley) together stirring for four minutes. It is important not to boil this mixture as boiling it would reduce the flavour and the goodness of the Yellow Box honey which is the vital ingredient in this salad. Pour the heated mixture over the carrots and leave to cool. When serving the salad sprinkle the chopped parsley or sesame seeds over the top. This salad can be enjoyed at a family bbq or served alongside cold meats and your favourite cheeses and fresh bread It is also great when entertaining with a casual bbq as the Yellow Box honey creates a flavour that is quite unique. The texture is crunchy yet smooth, and the orange colour vivid. This Yellow Box Honey carrot salad may be stored in jars in the fridge for some weeks.

Ginger In Honey Carrot Cake


[row ] [col span=”1/2″ ] 500gm plain flour 4 eggs 2 cups of grated carrots 225ml vegetable oil 1 cup of chopped walnuts [/col] [col span=”1/2″ ] 250gm of AB’s Ginger in Honey 2tsp cinnamon 2tsp bicarbonate of soda 2tsp baking powder 1tsp salt [/col] [/row]


Sift all dry ingredients together into a bowl. Mix honey with oil. Beat eggs in a separate bowl. Add the honey and oil and beaten eggs alternatively to the dry ingredients. Finally, add the carrots and chopped walnuts. Bake at 170oC for approximately 45 minutes. You can tell if your Ginger in Honey Carrot Cake is ready by inserting a skewer into the middle of the cake. If the skewer comes out clean then the cake is ready. If part of the mixture is caught on your skewer, your Ginger in Honey Carrot Cake is not ready to be taken out of the oven as yet. This particular carrot cake does not have any icing and is thus suitable as a breakfast cake as well as being served with tea or coffee. Your final Ginger in Honey Carrot Cake should be moist, have sweet ginger overtones, a hint of cinnamon, a crunchy texture from the chopped nuts and orange speckles from the carrots.

Honey Measuring Tip

Measuring honey by pouring it from one container into another is messy and not all that accurate as some honey always gets left behind. So here is a tip on how to easily and accurately measure honey without any mess. Select a container to place your honey in, any lightweight container will do, perhaps a plastic bowl… Wrap the bowl in cling wrap leaving lots of extra cling wrap overhanging the bowl. Place the cling-wrapped bowl on your kitchen scales and make a note of the weight. Add the weight of the bowl to the amount of honey that the recipe calls for and pour honey into the bowl until the scales reach the sum of the weight of the bowl plus the recipe amount of honey.* Then gather the overhanging glad wrap, twist the ends together, lift up and place over your mixing bowl, cut a hole in the bottom of the cling wrap and squeeze out all the honey. *If your scale as a tare function, you don’t need to do the calculations yourself, let your scale do it! cook with honey

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