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AB’s Honey, What’s Special?

We only sell AB’s Honey at Simply Honey online honey store, and for lots of good reasons…

Quality Raw Australian Honey

AB’s Honey is of the highest quality and is only 100% Australian honey. Being raw, it contains all the wholesome goodness only nature can provide.

AB’s Honey are Queensland based beekeepers and packers of quality honey. You might not know it but you have probably already enjoyed AB’s honey at a buffet, a restaurant or in some delicious food you may have bought from a bakery or deli.

Until recently AB’s honey was only available to the public at Brisbane local markets. Now this Simply Honey store allows you to purchase AB’s 100% Real Australian honey online and have it delivered to your door. If you are local to Brisbane, you can also visit our boutique honey shop at our premises, located at 4 Christine Place, Capalaba.

Variety of Natural Honey Flavours

AB’s Honey has been creating a range of natural honey flavours since circa 1982 when it started as a family business in Queensland. AB’s remains a family business even with the rapid growth in popularity and demand both here in Australia and overseas for their pure, natural 100% Australian honey.

AB’s Honey is known for superior taste and texture. Honey produced by AB’s is simply the best honey of the highest quality, pure and natural Australian honey.

Available for sale at this online honey store are a variety of different varieties of honey, all made by Australian bees and packaged with minimal gentle filtering to provide products as close to how they are found in Australian native forests. Try AB’s Ironbark Honey, Leatherwood Honey, or their own Local Honey. These are just a few of the products in the delicious AB’s Honey natural honey range.

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AB’s Honey at Simply Honey

Simply Honey also offer AB’s Honey gourmet blends, which include Ginger in Honey, Coffee Infused Honey, Manuka Honey and Cinnamon, and more…

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If you are looking for raw honeycomb this product is entirely untouched by human hands and uniquely delicious.

You can also purchase pollen

and raw wax from AB’s at our Simply Honey online honey shop.

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AB’s Honey is renowned for producing the highest quality raw and pure Manuka Honey which is not only highly sought after here in Australia but also overseas.

4 Strengths of Manuka Honey

Please browse and select AB’s Honey here at Simply Honey online store and have the highest quality real Australian honey delivered right to your door.

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